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In the “Grid Sequence” worksheets, the student must identify the same sequence as the example at the top of the page in amongst the grid lines.

This file contains 10 worksheets.

Visual Perceptual Skills Addressed:

Spatial Relationships

Spatial Relationships perception is the ability to identify the position of two or more visual stimuli in relation to oneself and/or in relation to each other.

In the “Grid Sequence” worksheets, the student must analyse how the letters in the sequence relate to each other (analyse their position), for example, “o” comes after “l”, etc. 

Visual Discrimination 

Visual Discrimination is the ability to identify differences and similarities between shapes, symbols, objects or patterns, by analysing their individual characteristics and distinctive features.

In the “Grid Sequence” Worksheets, the student needs to compare the features of any similar looking sequences, in order to distinguish between them.

Figure Ground 

Figure Ground perception is the ability to screen out any irrelevant visual material when presented with a lot of visual information at one time (not confusing the background or any surrounding images with the important stimulus). This skill is key for good attention and concentration. 

In order to complete the “Grid Sequence” worksheets successfully, the student must attend to each sequence in turn within the busy field of all the other surrounding sequences and the background grid.