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Product code: VPSB1.35

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In the “Hidden Grey Balls” worksheets, the student must find the grey balls in between all the other images.

This file contains 5 worksheets.

Visual Perceptual Skills Addressed:

Figure Ground 

Figure Ground perception is the ability to screen out any irrelevant visual material when presented with a lot of visual information at one time (to locate the important stimulus without getting confused by the background or surrounding images). This skill is key for good attention and concentration. 

To search for the grey balls in the “Hidden Grey Ball” worksheets, the student must focus in on that particular shape within the busy field of all the other images.

Form Constancy 

Form Constancy is the ability to recognise any given visual stimulus as the same despite changes in its presentation, such as, size, colour, texture, direction, orientation or context.

In the “Hidden Grey Ball” worksheets, the student must identify all the grey balls, despite changes in their presentation (different sizes). 

Code VPSB1.35