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In the “Object Positions” Worksheets, the student must identify the correct answer to the question in each box by analysing how the objects relate to each other, and by using their own body as a reference point.

This file contains 10 worksheets.

Visual Perceptual Skills Addressed:

Position in Space 

Position in Space perception is the ability to identify the position of any given visual stimulus in relation to oneself. 

In the “Object Positions” Worksheets, the student must analyse the position of each object in relation to their own body. In so doing, they will be able to identify which object is on the left or right. 

Spatial Relationships

Spatial Relationships perception is the ability to interpret the position of two or more visual stimuli in relation to oneself and/or in relation to each other. 

In the “Object Positions” worksheets, the student must analyse how the objects are positioned in relation to each other. These worksheets will build a spatial understanding of location words (words that analyse position), such as, in the middle, on top, at the bottom.
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