Same Spatial Patterns - Individual File Download


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In the "Same Spatial Patterns" worksheets, the student has to identify which pattern is the same as the example at the beginning of each row.

This file contains 10 worksheets.

Visual Perceptual Skills Addressed:

Spatial Relationships

Spatial Relationships perception is the ability to identify the position of two or more visual stimuli in relation to oneself and/or in relation to each other.

In the “Same Spatial Patterns” worksheets, the student must analyse how the square symbols relate to each other (analyse their respective positions), in order to identify the same pattern - the pattern where the squares are in same position as the example at the beginning of the row.

Figure Ground 

Figure Ground perception is the ability to screen out any irrelevant visual material when presented with a lot of visual information at one time (to locate the important stimulus without getting confused by the background or surrounding images). This skill is key for good attention and concentration. 

To complete the “Same Spatial Patterns” worksheets successfully, the student must focus on one pattern at a time within the busy field of all the other patterns as they scan the potential answers in each row.