Spatial Line Puzzles App

Spatial Line Puzzles is an engaging game designed by an occupational therapist to improve Spatial Skills and Visual Memory Skills.  Available for FREE on both the App Store and Google Play - click on the links below:

Complete the puzzles by copying the lines to the empty box. By analyzing the position of the dots or blocks, and identifying how the lines relate to each other, Spatial Skills are strengthened. For additional stimulation of Visual Memory Skills, the puzzle will disappear after a selected period of time if this option is turned on in the settings.

The puzzles are graded from easy to more challenging according to the following levels: Dot 3x3; Box 3x3; Dot 4x4; Box 4x4; Dot 5x5

- 40 puzzles in each level
- Suitable for children and adults
- Multi-user scoring is included, which allows you to add as many children/students/patients as you would like.
- Dot/Block Outline Option – to make the puzzles more challenging, this setting removes the dots or block outlines of the puzzle.
-Bird Game Option - after successfully completing 5 puzzles, you will be rewarded with playing to a short, fun game, which is designed to further reinforce basic spatial concepts.

The FREE version offers the first 5 puzzles in the Dot 3x3 and Box 3x3 levels. The other puzzles can be accessed by making an in-app purchase.