Thank you for creating such an excellent range of worksheets. They are always beautifully done AND extremely helpful!  I have such fun with your worksheets. The children love doing them and they target exactly what I want to correct/improve.​​​​​​​
- Teacher, United States

I have found this resource invaluable. All of my teaching assistants have spent training sessions working through the worksheets. We have used it with our dyslexic children, able and talented and those children with special needs. The teachers have also found the worksheets useful as an exciting way to start a lesson.

- Sarah Howells, Learning Development Coordinator

I use the worksheets heaps and love them! I like the range of visual perceptual areas and they appeal to all ages. 

- Karen Evans, Occupational Therapist, UK.

We had great use of the materials and have been able to use them with a variety of students.  I will be using the materials for two withdrawal groups I plan to have in September.

- Ann Harding, SENCO, UK

The worksheets have been a great tool. We use it all the time in our practice. It's been great having perceptual worksheets we can have direct access to.

- Yolande Hartle, Occupational Therapist, Cumberland-PCT